The quality of an olive oil is measured by the way of production, the degree of acidity and the essential organic elements. The taste, the color and the perfume of the olive oil play an equal role in estimating its quality.


An exceptional quality

Virgin Oil Grove Tunisia (VOG Tunisia) is an industrial company specialized in extracting and bottling olive oil. We have chosen the best oil coming from the olive trees of the region of KAIROUAN. The olives belong to the varieties CHEMLALI and OUESLATI, which are internationally known for producing a pure olive oil with a so special flavor.


The power gained from belonging to a group

We belong to the ZOUARI Group, one of the first Tunisian private groups. Today, we profits from the notoriety and the know-how of our group to offer an incomparable quality with the best price. The Group’s expertise in the foreign markets helps us to opt for a better presence in the international market.



Our olive oil production of is certified by ISO 2200 and its quality is controlled by “ECOCERT” & “SGS” (NOP, CE, TN, JAS) and approved KOSHER by the CRC , FDA.


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