Qui sommes nous

What about us


Virgin Oil Grove Tunisia (VOG Tunisia) is an industrial company specialized in extracting and bottling Tunisian olive oil. It is a subsidiary of the ZOUARI Group, one of the first and most prestigious Tunisian private groups.


Today, we profit from the notoriety and the know-how of our group to offer an incomparable quality with the best price.

As being a provider of an olive oil having a high quality and an exampled conditioning, we export our olive oil to the different regions of the world, to markets that seek for Mediterranean oil having a unique composition.

Our citizenship urge us to convey a positive image of our national olive oil in order to ameliorate the export of such liquid gold.


Challenge & Goals

Gaining leadership in the field of extracting and bottling olive oil

Created in 2011 in order to satisfy the growing market, our company has as mission the promotion of an olive oil having a high quality ! To achieve this goal, we always make sure that the process of extracting and bottling olive oil takes place without any defect. As a result, we obtain a quality stability.

VOG’s duty is to guarantee the excellence of our olive oil throughout the different stages of transformation, starting by the selection of olive and ending by the conservation of the olive oil under nitrogen in tanks made of stainless steel away from air and light or its bottling for the everyday use.

We set up strict rules of hygiene throughout the different steps of production to provide an unimpeachable quality.


The benefit from being part of a group

Being part of a group with such a stretch allows us to benefit from its expertise. During 30 years, the ZOUARI Group has made strong and perennial partnerships with a panoply of international trademarks existing in Tunisia and in other North African markets :