The olive oil is the landmark ingredient of the Mediterranean diet known for its positive impact on the humans’ health. It has high anti-cholesterol and anti-aging qualities. It possesses also other characteristics that less known but frequently used in the everyday life.


Protection of the heart

Thanks to its fatty and monounsaturated acids and its antioxidants (flavonoids, polyphenols, vitamin E) the olive oil protects the cardiovascular system and forms a barrier to bad cholesterol. A moderate everyday consumption of the olive oil protects the heart from any the cardiovascular risks.


Beauty oil

Really, the olive oil is beauty oil! Being rich in fatty acids, the olive oil hydrates our skin and even our hair.

The richness in fatty acids makes of the olive oil an effective anti- aging shield by helping it to destroy the free radicals. Not only does the olive oil protect the skin from the outside aggressions but also it promotes the deceleration of skin aging. You have just to apply the olive oil on your skin then rub!


Anti- Coughing

The olive oil is a fatty substance having the peculiarity to sooth a coughing irritation. As for honey, it hydrates your throat and the coughing crises you face, especially at night, will be nothing but a bad memory. You’d better take a spoon of olive oil before sleeping.